My name is Balázs Farkas, a writer from Hungary. I was born in 1987 and I’ve written numerous short stories, essays, reviews. My first novel won a writing contest, and I won the Zsigmond Móricz Literary Grant in 2015. I’m currently working at a video game development company called NeocoreGames, which also indicates my interest in video games as well. (I’ve written hundreds of game reviews, articles and devblog posts in the last few years.)

I’m fairly interested in weird fiction, and this is the main area where I don’t want to limit my output to Hungarian, as this genre is universal (while my literary fiction is fairly local).

This sub-page is dedicated to my (hopefully) growing list of English language works only. On social media, please follow me on Twitter, as I write more often in English there.

Short Stories / Ebooks:

  • Heat Wave (transl. Andrea Bogdán) – literary fiction, ~1500 words
  • “Calabash: A Van Helsing Adventure”– weird fiction / adventure / tie-in, ~7000 words


  • PDF (for reading on PC or other devices)
  • mobi (for reading on eBook readers such as Kindle or using a reader app)
  • epub (for reading on most eBook readers)

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